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Kat-tun 6 nin forever- Precious One

I feel their pain. I’m stuck in the Kat-tun 6 nin days but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Kat-tun or what’s left of them. Its just that the music/songs have changed. I still love all the boyz tho. Just wallowing in my shock and sadness.
Kat-tun originally 6 nin is now down to 4 with Koki Tanaka leaving. This song Precious One from The Best of Kat-tun album sums up how I feel about the turn of events. Its like 2010 again when Jin left only the circumstances are different. All the best to the 4 nin Kat-tun Kame, Maru, Junno and Tat-chan and to Koki now on his own.Wishing all of them the best. Kat-tun was there to brighten up my life and for that I will forever be grateful. Now,I’m off to listen to The Best of Kat-tun!



Hey Ginger, I feel your pain, though obviously not as much as you. I was shocked to read the news 2 days ago - even reported in one of our local new sites yesterday! (which seldom carry J-Pop news of any kind...)

Cheer up! I heard Koki's got his fingers in many pies. Its his solo parts in their songs I am worried... who will take over?
thanks for cheering me up tomadachi, i was really crying for my fandom. yeah koki will re-invent himself & I heard Avex signed him up but its a rumor. I hope JE doesn't block him. I loved the edgey music of Kat-tun 6 nin and the awesome harmony of Jin and Kame's vocals plus Koki's rap and Maru's beatboxing and yeah the voices of Ueda and Junno as well, it made them kinda unique. W/ Jin going solo, the others step up for the vocals but now who will rap?
On the other hand, glad Arashi is no. 2 most wanted to perform at Tokyo Olympic 2020. I bet Sho-kun will be the main media person doing the reportage.
I love Jin 1999

October 2013

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