November 29th, 2008

I love Jin 1999

Kat-tun Music Station talk & perf White X'Mas 08.11.28 english subbed

My favorite JE fangurl and translator Wendy or NewsHFan of LJ uploaded Kat-tun's encore live perf of White X'Mas and talk  on Music Station 2008.11.28 and the talk on Mini Music Station  so we fangurls can download it to enjoy. Thank you NewsHFan for your hard work. Vielen dank noch mal.*hugz*
Koki was so naughty during the Minisute talk portion. He said at 1:21 "The trainer told you to push it to one side." XD, when Maru mentioned that he had to cross a rope on all fours. *nosebleed* Kame's short friseur and earring made him even prettier. I drooled over Maru's short "rescue" hair, so adorable, like a little boy! I wanted to molest him. *gets bricked* Ueda is really pretty hands down even with the two furry thingies around his neck. I love the look of Junno the birthday boy (Nov.29) .Dark short hair suits him. Koki my snuggle bunny looked so manly. And my husband Jin Jin Jin what can I say, he looks ueber hot  even with the riduculously stripped scarf and his glasses and  slight upper lip hair. Forgot to shave before the show baby? Ich hab dich lieb mausi! *melts* And Akame wore matching boots! So much love! Another fangurl meltdown!

You can watch the perf and talk here as I uploaded them to another streaming site.  Enjoy!

Here are the links: Credit : NewsHFan of LJ

Minisute Kat-tun 2008.11.28

Music Station talk & perf White X"mas 2008.11.28

Watch the talk and perfs here:

Minisute Kat-tun 2008.11.28

Kat-tun Music Station talk and perf White X'Mas 2008.11.28